premier equine retirement

Our retirement farm is focused towards those horses that simply can’t live in a field 24/7 and need more hands on attention. All our client horses are brought in from the field daily and fully looked over. We have a customizable program and are able to vary the amount of turnout on grass based on their needs and the time of year. 

the boUtique retirement every horse deserves 

We take great pride in loving each and every horse like they’re one of our own



Full care retirement


What’s Included: 

  • Unlimited hay plus 2 daily mashes w/soaked beet pulp, alfalfa pellets, Vermont Blend, probiotics, flaxseed, vitamin E & salt – owners supply additional supplements & medications
  • Stall in shed w/mats & fans – attached LightHoof mud free run
  • Full grooming & bathing 
  • Full body clipping
  • Annual veterinary wellness exam 
  • Spring & fall vaccines 
  • Annual dental float 
  • Annual coggins test
  • Fecal analysis and deworming 
  • Hoof trims every 4-5 weeks 
  • Fly spray, fly masks & fly boots
  • Feed-Thru fly control during fly season
  • Grazing muzzles if necessary
  • Blankets included & will change as needed
  • Basic first aid supplies: Bandages, hoof soaking & packing materials, antibiotic ointments for small wounds, Bute & Banamine – up to a monthly limit
  • All scheduling & holding for veterinarians and farriers