About Our business

Just Wright Farm, LLC is a family owned and operated business established in 2020 by Jena and Joe Wright. Jena has always had a passion for taking care of senior horses who have given us everything and deserve to be spoiled in retirement! Our program is all inclusive and very individualized to each horse. All horses receive daily attention and whatever else they need to make their golden years their absolute best years!

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Daily hands on care and attention


 individualized programs for each horse


Happy, healthy and well loved horses



We have our beloved gelding at Just Wright Farm in Jena’s care. While it’s always a difficult decision retiring your horse, having Jena made the process 1000% easier. Her care and passion for horses are unmatched. Our boy has never been happier! Just Wright Farm is an absolute slice of heaven and any horse will be lucky to be there. We are so thankful for Jena and all of the love she gives our horse every single day. Thank you Jena & Just Wright Farm for providing such a beautiful life for our special horse!


I have had the privilege of working with Jena in several capacities. As a veterinarian, I have full confidence in her ability to provide top-notch medical care. Her knowledge base is unmatched and she can recognize subtle changes in a horse’s health, yet, will always consult the veterinarian and horse owner before making any decisions. As a geriatric horse owner, I know Jena loves and cares for my retired gelding like he were one of her own. That is a really special relationship to find!


When I think of 5* retirement care, Just Wright Farm immediately comes to mind! The care is impeccable and just the right amount of hands on care while also letting them be horses! Jena treats every horse as if it’s her own and offers completely individualized care for each horse depending on their needs! Jena is a dream client from a farrier perspective as all of the horses are kept on a strict hoof care schedule, their diets are balanced for optimal hoof health, and she is willing to do whatever is needed for the comfort of each horse! I highly highly recommend Just Wright Farm for anyone looking for top notch retirement for their beloved equine friend!!


To love and to feel loved by a horse is one of life’s greatest gifts. Some horses need to be set free and live a life away from the demands of human hopes and dreams. Just a life of grass pastures and horse friends. This is the life of Elco. A very hard decision was made. A decision made easier by the love and compassion shown by Jena. Elco is truly living his dream and I am so at peace with my decision. Jena shares photos and kind words about his new life and to say she cares deeply is an understatement. Never have I had even an ounce of worry. A very big thank you for my peace of mind and Elco’s wonderful well deserved retirement.


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